Tuesday, December 7, 2010



August 27-29

House #8, address 5704 snow hill drive
Leon Wood General Contractor, Inc.
Bryce Wood

View from deck section to garage. Garage was designed separate with whole house living space. The
garage was finished furnishing and finishing basically on remain structure. Materials for interior wall is use wood, has rustic looking. They were collected by the owner.
“The “mancave” garage was designed to give the man of the house a place to “get away” for a while”

This garage is not just a basic function for normal garage, but it was designed for working place, a garage for car repair. Moreover, the owner can enjoy while they working to listening music with surround sound (the surround machine at the corner was show on the picture above) or take a few minutes to watching TV. This is very a convince space rather than a standard garage.
Most space in garage were used even space on ceiling. With the moving stair on ceiling that is a good idea to open store on ceiling space (as picture below). 

Store space on ceiling

Desk is the open space for this house to connect nature environment. It was remodeled by using wood material to create a beauty of nature looking from nature wood color basic on remain space.
In term of using material, the designer was successful to create harmonious of deck space to nature environment backyard landscape. 

View from the garage

Deck section
Wood finishing for deck section was finished before delivery to the site, to improve and enhance plasters for deck floor; wood was structured connection together side by side and join are alternate (as explanation below)

Deck floor detail
Clark’ opinion was right when he suggested bringing nature to living space and deck is good space to create connection interior space to nature. Backyard is good place to building deck section to reduce the effect of social to individual family (Clark)

House #9, address 3512 smoke-tree drive
Kevin Jones Design- Build


    FLOOR PLAN                                                       BACKYARD PERSPECTIVE
This is as an example to improve that nature is good environment. People still intend to create connection with nature because nature air always is good condition for health.
The new deck space is the good transition from interior space to exterior space. Moreover, the landscape of backyard was improved very much and backyard becomes a good space to relax with the views from the deck to outside.
In term of using materials, designer in tend to use nature materials, nature brick for outside floor and gold fleck flagstone for interior deck floor. Ceiling was finished by tongue and groove clear pine. All materials for floor and ceiling designer intend to use nature material color that would help a lot to improve connection space from inside porch space to nature (as pictures below)

Materials list:
-          Siding: James hardy Planks (laps siding)
-          Window’s: MW/PlyGem vinyl Replacement
-          Screen system: Screen Eze
-          Material posts are wrapped in: trim craft (composite wood)
-          Flooring: gold fleck flagstone – scoot stone
-          Ceiling:   tongue and groove clear pine
-          Screen door: pressure treated wooden
-          Door hardware: schlage, deltana mortis door hardware
-          Siding paint: virtual taupe
-          Trim paint: custom
-          Ceiling stain: fruitwood 

                                                         Porch’s view from backyard
   Finishing furniture
Furniture finishing for porch space tends to open view from inside to outside. This is really a relaxing space; views of nature environment. Therefore, we can see the effect to the materials of finishing and textile. They have characteristic of nature such as color and details textile of cushion (different cushion color – tend to create connection with nature.     

October 16-17 & 23-24

Deanna Autry

128 silhouette drive, chantille drive, Greensboro
1184 sq.ft.
Two bedrooms, 2 and ½ bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room

Floor plan with kitchen on the back
This house is one of many units in consecutive house. Basically, it has two floor, one for public and one for private. For the first floor, they are having 3 options to set the kitchen: way down in the back, in the middle (divide living room and dining room space), and other one kitchen is at front of first floor (entrance door).

        Kitchen in the back                       kitchen in middle                         kitchen in front
In term to analyze to choose the good option to organize the first floor plan for public space I think to organize kitchen in the center of the first level is the good solution for using space, because we will have good and large space for dining room, and living room space.
Materials are wood material for kitchen cabinet, tile for pubic floor and carpet for private floor.
This kind of house just design enough space for living, it is not really a relaxing living space, space for living is small and less of  space for relaxing activity such as deck section, a space to enjoy with nature environment condition.

    Public bathroom and master bedroom
   Stair up to second floor                                             bedroom ceiling finishing

j. Grary Hill

3075 Renaissance Parkway
Bordeaux Retreat at Jamestown

2287 sq.ft. $173,265
3 bedrooms, 2 and ½ bathrooms,

This is another kind of consecutive house, two levels with solution open space from family room to second level that create a good feeling for entrance space. Space seem larger and more relaxing with view far from entrance to dining room space (as pictures below)

Entrance view to family room           
      & View from second floor to family room                                                   
With this model, space for living was a lot improve when we compare with consecutive house model I have analyzed about. There are more space for relaxing such as patio (sun room), sitting area, and loft space on the second level.
Materials, public space is hard wood floor, private space is carpet floor
The detail of furnishing and finishing in the house very qualify in detail of furniture and textile. There is just a little expressing in using color for bedroom. I think this is just a personal order for their one space. Even that the textile for window curtain still have characteristic of whole house finishing (as explanation by pictures below)
    View from stair section to entrance

The connection of materials were present on tactile for curtain, pillows, the art on the wall or even the mirror was decoded to catch the detail of the art on opposite wall section.                                    

                         Art d├ęcor – details of art are connection for whole space
    Master bedroom 

    Loft space area

Mauro Ruggieri

134 Heritage Hill Drive Jamestown

2118 sq.ft. $249,500
3 bedrooms, 2 and ½ bathrooms
 This house have great organization public space, kitchen, dining room, living room have good relationship. They are really connected together, but the kitchen was hiding behind the wall, that is the good idea to bring a nice space for living room. With the height ceiling, the living room becomes the center of whole house space. However, one need to pass to private spaces to living room is not really good idea because I think private spaces are more personal space, they should in the back. Bedroom space in front is not good space to relax because it will effect noise from vehicle in front. 
    Living room space (great room)                          kitchen- view from breakfast area
   Dining room                                                              master bed room 
Master bathroom- closet area and bath area should connect together. This will reduce effect waking space, be easily to organize bed section, create a good view from entrance door. (pictures below)
    Master bath room
    Bathtub was changed by shower. 
Color for finishing is toned to toned color, unify whole space

Dwight Stone

101 Jordan Creek Drive

2220 sq. ft
Two levels with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
Brick and stone exteriors
This house with open space (two level story spaces for family room) creates a large space for family room. Expressing family room is the center of the house.  
    Family room                                      kitchen- view from family room
Kitchen space was opened to connect with family room to unify a large space for public space. Public space and private space do not separate like ranch house but private space was organized to intend around public space. This kind of house like a nest with center is family room.  
The master bathroom is not really good space organization. I think if we exchange the wardrobe is the first section to enter the bather it may better. It is not comfortable for one to pass from wet area to dry area.
                                          View from second story to living room
Open space from family room to 2nd level intend to connect the two bedrooms and the loft room space to family room

Richard Vanore

47 Creswell Manor Court
Grandover Resort

2993 sq.ft. $494,900
Two story, 3 bedrooms, 2 and ½ bathrooms.

Perspective for whole resort area and materials for exterior
This house is one of units in resort on Grandover. Exterior finished with tumbled brick and timbered, created elegant looking. Master bed room on the 1st floor connects to sun room (as picture below)
Master bed room-sun room is connection space from interior space to nature
Master bedroom was designed with clear functions for each area; create good view for bathroom with toilet seat at the end of space and it was hided behind the wall (pictures below)

Public space, kitchen is the connection space between living room and dining room (as pictures below).
Stair is the nice transition space from fist level to second level. The hall between two bedrooms became a relax area for reading or coffee (as pictures below)
Second level, they are two bedrooms joint with a bathroom (as picture below)
Men style (simple style and clear organization)
Girl style (various details and clear functions)
There are two bedrooms on 2nd floor. One is girl style and one is man style. However, they still have connection from space to space with the same toned color for wall finishing.
In general, most design focus to unify public space. Kitchen, living room, dining room, and family room have the very important relationship together. Most the house was designed to intend expressing that public area is the center of the house.
Nature is always a good environment most designer focus on. Living room or family room always connects with nature by deck or porch space or even directly to nature by windows. (Relation between living space and nature that have related to Clark’s analyzing “the American family home”-.)