Thursday, September 16, 2010

BUNGALOW project

Thinking about the effect of other spaces to dining room
Elements necessary to design dining room.
The purpose to design dining room: relaxing, comfortable, happiness. It is like a nest, each family’s member have a good time to enjoy foods.

Process to design dining room
First,thinking about relationship of dining room to other spaces: living room, kitchen
Second, organize space to set up furniture (dining table, sideboard, hutch...)
Third, create the shape for furniture to fit with dining room
space. Thinking about the style, materials, and the color finishing
Analyze space dining room space function to create the shape for dining table.
Make decision to set up sideboard and hutch.
The dining room space a little bit small, but we need to set up an table with 6 chairs, sideboard, and hutch. So I think the table and chair need to design under frame (lack solid surface) that better to feel that the space it's not narrow.
Furniture design process
The table style, sideboard, hutch much to match with the living room , kitchen furniture style ( style combination)

CONCEPT: UNITY-Linear elements unify the dining room with the whole house

In the center of the house as a “nest,” this dining room follows both Bachelard’s concept of universality in form and function and Clark’s connection of the living space to nature. 
With active details and an eye toward accessories and textiles, the design brings this early nineteenth century bungalow into the current age.  Linear elements connect the space together, and with the variety inherent in the furniture and accessories introduced, the unity of the dining room remains as the experiential focus of the space.  The house becomes enlivened by the introduction of this nest for eating.




Tour of Rennovated Homes

The new porch create the new air for living space of the house at Smoke tree St. The tour give for me a seen of what going on, what people support to improve living space. I think the relationship between human and nature environment is the most important most designer pursue.

The space connection between living space and nature

View from the porch to garden

602 North Mendenhall HOUSE

I like this house, the function for each space very clear (the shape for space). However, the connection of each space I don’t really like. Connection of kitchen to living room, bed room, and living room we much walk cross to dining room. I suggest that this house need have the hall is the center space to connect the whole space together. Therefore, when I design for this dining room I need to think about the space necessary for people walk from the kitchen to living room (how the furniture will set to match with functions of this space)              


I believe that studio course is the good environment for me to learn more about important elements for interior design. Knowledge for design is the most important, but the process to finish a design is not less important. Therefore, for each assignment for this studio I hope I will get more experience for steps to do in design process also I will absorb the basic elements for each specific design. (Ex: elements for living room, dining room, kitchen …how they became a good space (art, comfortable, feel relax …). For example, if I want to create a living room more relax what are elements I will focus on, use cool tone color may be or …..)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This project is an research information from magazine.
Understand the main points of magazine (magazine organization, style, the model of living space)
I learned more the relationship of humane and nature environment. Moreover, the style of furniture, color and material finishing may create an special characteristics for living space.

Glass walls, porches, decks are the good solution to improve living space
Here is the board organization the feature information I got from House and Garden magazine 1949.


The final board
Process to finish precedent project
1. Search information of Bavinger House
2. Think about the concept of the design. What are the main purposes of the design?
3. What are the information of the house I want to represent for audience?
4. Organization information on the board.
5. There are some features of the house I want to explain.

Floor plan
Floor plan (whole space)


Section cross entrance and dining table

Detail structure living space

Dining room floor plan (wood table, floor finishing with nature stone)

Solution to get nature light to interior space

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